• CD #0011
  • Trois moments précédant la genèse des cordes (2001)
  • 1. Electronics
    2. Secuencia a Jorge (1999). For saxophones and electronics
    3. La última pócima (2002). Accordion and electronics
    4. U flu for fru (1996). Recorders quartet and electronics
    5. Brief Fast Ambrosia (1999). Electronics
    6. Improvisación con formas frías (2004). Electronics
    7. Sudoku-mix (2006). Flutes and electronics
  • The disc sumarises a major part of Eduardo Polonio’s work over the last decade an in some way is a complement to his 1969 - 1998 anthology.

    There is a deep line, indecipherable for me, that runs through the work of Eduardo Polonio. It is a spectral base that we can track to his early works. ... In his latest work, Sodoku-mix, he buries it even deeper. We should not opt for the easy programmatic interpretation of the phenomena he points to in his work. The harmonic plays and even the lyricism that emantes from U for flu or Improvisación con formas frías are not just a mere metaphor for Alan Turing’s ideal world or Wassily Kandinsky’s colours. They are ... a faithful reflection of the very nature of numbers, in no way random, and of the chromatism inherent in the models, sieved of course, by the powerful Polonio filter.

    I do not stress to the dark side of his work, since I believe the chronicles referring to his explicit humour are common knowledge. A good example on this disc is the performance by Esteban Algora of La última pócima, a work that acquires all its drama in his live performance with the death of the performer. I refer rather to his indescribable turbulence that he tries to approach, ... bold attempts to snatch away the gold from the Gods.

    Secuencia a Jorge requieres a spetial mention. Beyond performance given by Daniel Kientzy who touches on perfection, we are before a sound mixture that could be considered a paradigm of recording an electroacoustic work, and above all we are once more before an Eduardo in his open humanity playing homage to a dear friend.
    (Eduardo Fuentesal)
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