25th of June 2014
10.00 PM Cologne, Kunststation St. Peter, Jabachstraße 1

Part of the Festival Romanischer Sommer
Maria de Alvear, composition
Ana de Alvear, video
Nicholas Isherwood, baritone
Ensemble musikFabrik, Ars Choralis Coeln,
Mädchenchor am Kölner Dom
Conductor: Nacho de Paz
With kind support of Kunststiftung NRW

Magna Mater is part of a cyclus of compositions by Maria de Alvear, that explore the origin of culture and being human: where is it that the aninmal within ourselves starts to be human, when did human went from mere uttering of mere grunts and sounds to find to intonation, song, and language? Where is the point where sating a fact becomes narration, and where does narration transform into myth? Who is it we got our first knowledge from, and how was it implated into human consciousness? Ana de Alvear’s video follows this story by focusing on th aspect of passing time, fading and growing.

Further information: Romanischer Sommer

Klaus Lang as guest composer at the 53th week of religious music in Cuenca

April 15th 2014

53 Semana de Música Religiosa de Cuenca


April 15th, 20.30, Iglesia de la Merced

The translucend cow/La vaca traslúcida (WP, comissioned work), I – II – III

MORTON FELDMAN (1926-1987)
Rothko Chapel, I – II – III – IV – V

Ingrida Gapova, soprano
Ioann Ciobaturo; viola

Codetta choir
Ensemble Taller Atlántico Contemporáneo
Diego García Rodrígues, conductor
Poldo Ponés, video

April 15th 2014, 17.00, Fundación Antonio Saura

Works by Ligeti, Tavener, Sánchez Verdu u. a.
Klaus Lang: Die Vier Wege zum Berge Zinn (1999)

Iagobaldo Fanlo, violoncello

Spring fever


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